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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 20, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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thanks for thank you for watching this "kelly file" special tonight. see you on monday in "america's newsroom." i'm martha mccombs and this is "the kelly file." a fox news alert. new developments in the massive manhunt for two escaped prisoners in upstate new york. police say they have a new lead that the convicted killers might be in allegheny county new york after they were possibly seen near the pennsylvania border a week ago. hello, welcome to "america's news headquarters." i'm arthel neville. >> and i'm kelly wright. we are live at the clinton correctional facility in dannemora, new york with the very latest. >> reporter: kelly and arthel police were waiting for a break and this could be it.
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we are waiting for a confirm eded account from an eyewitness here in the southern part of new york state very close to the pennsylvania border very close to i-86 interstate 86. according to "the new york times," this was a woman who was driving through the area who saw two men come out of the woods near some railroad tracks. she says one of the men dove back into the woods and the other pulled a hooded sweatshirt over his head. we have not confirmed those details with the new york state police but can tell you that state police converged on the area with canine and aviation units. they sealed off roads, they set up road blocks and they are now working that perimeter and working this search. we heard on scanner traffic that they asked for more officers with shotguns on those railroad tracks. now this spot where they are searching now is roughly 60 mile west from where the reports one week ago of two men matching the descriptions of the escaped killer walking the railway in irwin roughly 300 miles south of
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the prison here in dannemora on june 13th. on the 14th a different witness saw two men with the same description walking along a road in lindley heading in the direction of the pennsylvania border. now investigators checked out both leads this week interviewing witnesses, and the evidence concluded that it would be possible for richard matt and david sweat to make it there if they walked 15 miles a day. new york police followed up on 1500 leads, many similar to these over the past couple of weeks, and so far there's been very little hard evidence to suggest where the two men might be. that's one of the reasons the u.s. marshall service put both men on their 15 most wanted list which is reserved for the worst of the worst. they added a $25,000 bounty to each man's head. so there's now $75,000 for each of them for information leading to their arrest or capture.
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but again, kelly and arthel we have a new report of a spotting in the southern area of new york state near the pennsylvania border of two men in the woods near railroad tracks and police are following up on the leads right now. >> thank you for the update. we'll get back to you with more updates as it progresses. rim leventhal reporting from dannemora. we'll have another live report at the bottom of this hour and be sure to tune in later for "justice with judge jeanine" tonight with the latest on these killers. that's tonight starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern. a massive manhunt is underway as police look for the man who shot and killed a veteran new orleans police officer. investigators say the suspect managed to grab a gun and shoot the officer while in hand cuffs in a police vehicle being transported to the city jail. the vehicle then crashing into a utility pole allowing the suspect to get away. police now searching for this guy right here 33-year-old
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travis boy promising he will be brought to justice. will carr is live with more details. what can you tell us? >> reporter: right now as we talk officers have surrounded a neighborhood 200 miles northeast of the french quarter in new orleans going door to door looking for the suspect who they say shot and killed this officer who is also a father of three. police say that travis boy was arrested for officer assault. a short time later he was transporting boy to jail when the attack happened. the boy may have been double jointed because he moved the handcuffs from behind his back to the front of his body. then he moved to the area where a struggle ensued and she shot the officer in the head where he died at the hospital a short
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time later. >> he will not get away with what he did. justice will be paid for killing our brother officer holloway. >> reporter: we have learned it is unclear where boyce got the gun. he has a history of escaping law enforcement. there's a $10,000 reward out for information to lead to his arrest. the police chief came out to say one of the hardest things he's ever had to do in the course of his career was pick up the phone and call officer holloway's children and tell them that their dad had been shot and killed this morning. arthel? >> so sad. will carr thank you very much. kelly? another sad chapter in our history right now. we are going to talk about charleston. tomorrow will likely be an emotional, tearful and triumphant day as emanuel ame church reopens in south carolina.
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flowers, balloons and keepsakes are piling up at the historic church. in the day since nine people were brutally murdered in its sanctuary, meantime 21-year-old dylann roof is now sitting in jail on a million dollars bond and facing nine counts of murder one each for the lives taken after they welcomed him into their church. nine lives that will be remembered and celebrated tomorrow. mike toban is live in charleston to honor the victims. >> reporter: kelly, what this is called is a march for black lives. and if we take a look around you can see it looks like a couple hundred people have gathered and they expect the crowd to get bigger. if you look at the people here they are carrying flowers. and the intention of that is to march by the ame church and lay flowers at the ever growing memorial. this is serena sebring. i want to ask you, serena, what is the goal of having this march? >> the goal of this march is to
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really call attention to the value of black lives in this moment in which we see its evaluation in this incident. >> reporter: you know we see to many people coming out and showing their support. we have had something so awful that happened in the church but you don't see anger and hatred really spilling out into the street. can you give credit to events like this and the vigil that was held last night? >> we think it is critical to provide spaces to create spaces for people to come together to say that we are ready to take a stand against white supremacy, to say we are no longer living under a coat of confederacy. that here in the south this is a new day. and it takes an incident unfortunately sometimes that gets national media like this in order to bring people together to play their roams and to see each other as human beings. >> reporter: you talk about white supremacy and we know the motivation in the writings and the things roof said. do you think he's a lone actor or is there still an active hateful racist underbelly out here in the south? >> we do not see him as a lone
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actor in any sense. we understand charleston to be a place where the confederate flag flies today. we understand charleston to be a place walter scott was murdered by police not even a few months ago. and we know that we continue to live both nationally and here in the south in a culture of white supremacy that too often devalues black lives. >> reporter: as i look around at the crowd here though i see a lot of wide people. i see a lot of multiethnic people in this crowd. this is not only a black only event. what does that mean to you? >> we think it is crucial white people also play a role in combatting the role of white supremacy. what that means is for it to take action to really look at the history, the legacy in what we are living out today. and we understand that for black people and people of color this is an important moment to express grief, collective rage and to express collectively we will not live under the coat of confederacy any longer. >> reporter: serena i hope you have a meaningful evening tonight and that you all stay safe. we see a lot of people coming
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together as we have seen instead of getting together instead of hatred pulling out and spilling out in the street you have a lot of people with the message of unity and we have really heard that since this horrible event happened at the church. >> thank you for that meaningful report. and there's a new i isis-related terror event. an ohio man was arrested while trying to buy an assault weapon from an undercover fbi agent. the arrest is part of a much larger push to round up suspects ahead of the fourth of july holiday. kristin fisher has more now from washington. >> reporter: well, so far seven people have been arrested this month on isis-related charges, at least four in the last week. six of the seven arrested in june are charged with conspiracy to provide materials to support isis. all are men and all but one are under the age of 30. the seventh man arrested in june is arrested for attempting to
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stab an fbi agent during an isis-related event. that's 61 people in 20 states charged with isis-related crimes over the last two years. >> these people are encouraged by the success of isis overseas. we see isis having success after success, our generals say we are losing the war on isis and that edge encourages people here to be part of a winning team. >> reporter: isis just learned the title of the lead terror group. and the findings are not good. look at this. worldwide terror attacks are up 35%. and the number of fatalities that's jumped a staggering 81%. critics of the obama administration call to report a devastating indictment on the president's approach to combatting terrorism. but here's how the state department responded yesterday. >> we have had success against isis in iraq and in syria. we have made progress here against al qaeda, that doesn't
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mean that at any point in time certainly not today we are willing to declare success against these groups. >> federal authorities are now working to round up homegrown terror suspects before july 4th. they say more arrests are likely to come. kelly? >> i'll take it back here thank you. >> well, let's talk politics. republican presidential hopefuls descending on the nation's capital this weekend for one of the country's largest gatherings of christian activists. former governor rick perry and ceo carly fiorina among the speakers today on this third and final day of the faith and freedom coalition. molly has been following it all and is joining us from washington with more details. >> reporter: hi kelly. yes, i have been keeping an eye on this event going on here in washington. this event has a chance for christian conservatives to hear from conservative republican candidates. as one of the speakers the only republican woman in the race so
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far, carly fiorina came out swinging going after the most high-profile democratic candidate. >> hillary clinton must not be president of these united states but not because she's a woman. hillary clinton must not be president of these united states because she is not trustworthy, because she lacks a track record of leadership and because her policies are bad for the people of this nation. >> the faith and freedom coalition's annual conference is happening this year in the shadow of the south carolina church shooting where nine people at a black church were killed. former texas governor rick perry was asked about additional gun control measures in the wake of the shooting. >> i think discussions are good things. and this is a deliberate hate crime. and i don't -- i think it is healthy for us as a country to have conversations and defend our positions whatever they may be. so i do have an issue that the
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knee jerk from the left as always is to take people's guns away from them. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton spoke to the u.s. conference of mayors in san francisco. she also spoke about the south carolina church shooting and said she will press for new gun laws to take guns out of the hands of criminals and the violently unstable she says while still, quote, respecting gun owners' rights. >> the president is right. the politics on this issue have been poisoned. but we can't give up. the stakes are too high. the costs are too dear. and i am not and will not be afraid to keep fighting for common sense reforms. >> reporter: president obama spoke to the group yesterday. clinton also is expected to headline a fund-raiser in the san francisco area today at the home of a real estate broker. kelly? molly, thank you. >> a disturbing discovery after the body of a man is found
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a fox news alert on our top story, state police are investigating a possible sighting of two escaped prisoners in upstate new york. investigators are combing an area near the pennsylvania border. that's about 350 miles from the prison where they escaped two weeks ago. david sweat and richard matt used power tools to break out of the clinton correctional facility in dannemora near the canadian border earlier this month. we'll have much more in a live report just minutes away. while police in london are investigating whether a man found dead on a rooftop actually fell from a plane. the man is believed to be one of two stowaways on board a british airways flight from johannesburg south africa, to london's heathrow airport. a second man was found in the undercarriage of the plane when it landed and he's in critical condition. while unusual, it has happened there before. stowaways will fall when the
3:19 pm
planes lower their landing gear. the airline is working with police to determine how the men got on board. our tab in the fight against isis is growing. a breakdown from the pentagon shows that the u.s. has spent nearly $3 billion. that's more than nine million taxpayer dollars a day since last august. and now the state department says isis has tabbed al qaeda has the leader terror group in the world. we are joined by retired colonel bill collin who is also a fox military analyst who will weigh in on this issue. let me get this straight we are spending this money yet isis is not contained. what is wrong with this picture? >> kelly, we are not in the fight yet and are spending $9 million to date. you can imagine what it will be when we really get ourselves engaged. the good news is we are not losing any american lives right now. the fact of the matter is john kirby now the state department spokesman, previously pentagon
3:20 pm
spokesman, reiterated again that the administration's view is that this is a three to five-year fight against isis. kelly, i would say we'll be looking at 10 to 15 years if we don't ramp up the way we are fighting them. and that's going to cost american taxpayers an awful lot of money over that period of time. >> bill when you say ramped up do you mean putting boots on the ground? >> no kelly, i'm not an advocate of boots on the ground. i think we should have started a long time ago training iraqis capable trained iraqi that is are out there to run support air missions. air is critical to defeating isis. we should have had iraq can iis out there to be trained in to call in the air strikes. >> that bases the question you have worked in the arab world and the middle east for quite some time. and through my days of reporting there, one of the things i gathered from that as i left the area were the jordanians who basically cast apersians against
3:21 pm
the iraqi military saying they were too weak for the fight. and now we are finding that to some degree is true because they are walking away from the battles or are not being led properly. so what do you do? >> look kelly, a lot of the iraqis may not have been that strong for the fight. during the time we were there, the iraqi special operations forces were just as tough as could be fought alongside u.s. special operations forces many of the iraqi guys trained here in the united states. many of them still engaged in the battle right now. i think it all goes back to leadership again, the leadership after the u.s. pulled out, anybody that has a close relationship with the united states was out and sunni or shia cronies pretty much under the guidance of the iranians were put in leadership roles. so there's effectively no good leadership right now, except in some units which have been put back together with folks who fought with americans before. so i'm taking exception to the notion that there are not good iraqi fighters. there are in a lot of the american servicemen and women
3:22 pm
saw them of them but they are not engaged or organized right or led right and not given the ability to fight. >> given the lack of leadership there, you also see what isis has been doing through social media, attracting more than 60 people here in the united states to join the fight. fortunately, we have been able to enter fear in that and create a good law enforcement intervention to stop them. but what does that say about our own society and the fact that some of our young men are drifting toward recruitment by isis? >> it is hard to understand. i hope there's some congressman or senator listening to you and me talk right now. and i would encourage him or her to go out there and to start a piece of legislation that says anybody who has any verifiable information online with isis or an isis affiliate gets 25 years right out of the chute. it's a long hard prison term for people doing those kind of things. our youth, young people not
3:23 pm
only youth but whatever reason people are motivated by the work isis is doing, a lot of people on this channel have been talking about their ability to recruit. if you go out to look at some of the isis videos of the victories of their achievements of the things they're doing, it's a little bit hard not to be drawn in if you are on the mindset that you want to be drawn in. that goes back to the whole notion that this is not a three to five-year war like the state department or the pentagon may hope. this is a long-term effort. and we're not engaged yet. >> we better get busy. lieutenant colonel bill collin thank you. >> thank you, kelly. friends and family giving their final farewell to two cousins today who were among the victims killed in a balcony collapse. 22-year-old ashley donahue and 21-year-old olivia burke are being mourned at a northern california funeral and memorial service today. now donahue is the only american of those killed.
3:24 pm
burke's body will be sent back to her native ireland. they were among the six people killed tuesday when the balcony snapped off the fifth floor of an apartment building in berkeley. seven people remain hospitalized from the incident. the people of charleston coming together after this week's brutal massacre in a church sanctuary. e man emanuel ame is planning to resume their services tomorrow as many pray for peace. and we have police following brand new leads in the search for two killers on the loose for two weeks now. listen up team i brought in some protein to help rearrange the fridge and get us energized! i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength to keep you active. come on pear it's only a half gallon. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. all in 160 calories.
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this is a fox news alert on our top story. police now have a new lead that the two escaped prisoners in upstate new york might be near the pennsylvania border. that's about 350 miles from the prison where they escaped to two weeks ago. we are live at the clinton correctional facility in
3:29 pm
dannemora with the latest. rick? >> reporter: police have checked out 1500 leads over the last two weeks since the two men escaped from the clinton correctional facility. and most of the leads have turned up nothing or near nothing. so we don't want to get too optimistic about this particular lead although it certainly surrounded promising when a woman according to "the new york times" spotted two men coming out of the woods near some railroad tracks in allegheny county in a town of friendship new york near the pennsylvania border and the southwestern portion of the state. she says one of the men jumped back into the woods and the other pulled a hoodie over his head. we know from our reporting that the men inside this prison these two men, in particular were able to wear street clothes, including hooded sweatshirts and used hooded sweatshirts to pretend -- they stuffed them and put them in their beds to look like they were in their beds when they were breaking out by cutting through walls and pipes and
3:30 pm
making their way out a manhole and then traveling somewhere away from this prison in dannemora, new york. we don't know if this newest sighting is legit but we do know that new york state police converged on the area and set up road blocks and a perimeter. they brought in aviation and canine units and they are continuing to search there. we heard on scanner traffic that they called for more officers with shotguns to search railroad tracks. there have been other recent reports that there were other sightings one week ago at another area about 60 miles to the east of where the latest sighting was. and this other sighting back on june 13th last saturday was about 300 miles south of this prison. a distance the men could have covered over that week's time if they were traveling or walking roughly 15 miles a day. so a couple of reported sightings in one portion of the state. and now another reported sighting today. and we are still waiting for confirmation from the new york state police that this may, in fact be the two men who they have been searching for for two weeks now, kelly. >> rick thank you very much for
3:31 pm
the update. and people should be cautious if they see these men because police as you know rick have cautioned everyone to say that these men are still considered to be dangerous. richard matt and david sweat are both convicted killers. matt is accused or convicted of killing two men. one of them he cut his body up into pieces and threw him in the niagara river. sweat is a cunning individual both men are career criminals, described as violent and perhaps desperate at this point. so absolutely anyone who spots them should call the police but not try to apprehend them themselves. >> very good advice. thank you, rick leventhal reporting from dannemora, new york. the people of charleston south carolina are trying to make sense of the tragedy that stunned their church. and they are coming together to console each other in the face of such hatred. trying to find peace in the midst of so much madness.
3:32 pm
joining me is dr. russell moore, the president of the ethics and liberty commission of the southern baptist convention. dr. moore, good to see you. >> good to be with you. >> i'm sorry for this story, of course. emanuel ame is holding services tomorrow a significant step towards healing, but where do we go from there dr. moore, in pursuit of peace? >> well, i think the first thing that we need to see is that we have seen some of the most satanic actions possible this week in the terroristic act of gunning innocent people down in the place of worship. and we have also seen the gospel of jesus christ at work. with the members of this church continuing to worship, continuing to praise god, continuing to love one another. the powerful witness of these families. we were able to confront the killer and to talk about the loss that the has given to them and yet also to say we are forgiving you personally while
3:33 pm
we hand you over to the civil authorities to deal with you. i think what we have seen this week is yet another incident of terrorism. this is domestic terrorism and it comes in a long line of over 100 years of incidents of white supremacists terrorism on our african-american brothers and sisters in christ. and i think we need peace, healing, reconciliation and justice in this country. and i think that the church of jesus christ has got to lead the way. >> as you say, dr. moore, that peace is among the faithful. but how do you spread the peace to those who are not? >> well, i think the first thing we do is make sure that we've got a just system in place where those who commit such atrocities are dealt with and where we make very clear that we're not going to stand for this and that we're going to call it what it is. we are going to call this terrorism and we're going to stand together. one of the things that is heartening to me is to look around charleston and see
3:34 pm
churches standing with emanuel ame church white churches back churches hispanic churches blue collar churches white collar churches churches all standing together to say this will not be tolerated and we're going to name it for what it is this is evil. and i don't think we can minimize it. i don't think we can -- that we can have any sense of silencing our objections to this sort of evil. we need to call it what it is. and that's a first step that we need to take while we recognize and know that we're not going to give up hope. we have seen humid depravity at work here and we have seen even today the images of this terrorist posting racist screens on websites and so forth. we see this at work this iniquity at work in his life for a long time. we are not going to tolerate that. we are going to stand together and we are going to love one another. and christians especially aught to tell the rest of the world this because we are brothers and sisters. we are part of the same family.
3:35 pm
so the men and women who were shot and the families who were left behind in emanuel ame, these are my brothers and sisters. and what hurts them hurts the entire body of christ which means all of us need to stand together. >> as you say, we are all brothers and sisters. so then -- you know you say also dr. moore, call it what it is name it for what it is be honest. so is that what has to happen at this point, that we as a nation as a people we have to get together and be honest. have honest dialogue about what really is going on. and then work from there, because you can't start to heal unless you deal with the truth. >> well, that's exactly right. i think there are many people in american society who have wanted to say, well, our racial tensions are behind us and certainly racial violence is behind us. i think after the past year we aught to admit that is not the case. that has not happened. so time itself does not heal
3:36 pm
these wounds in american society. instead, we need concentrated attention being given to it. and we have to constantly be on guard because bigotry and racial superiority, these things come up again and again and again. and if we are going to move towards a more just society and toward a more loving community, we can't just -- we can't just pretend as though these things are all in the past. >> dr. russell moore, i leave it there. i thank fur your words. i thank you for your time. thank you, sir. >> thank you. the families of the victims are getting heartfelt assistance from the carolina panthers. the owner of the nfl team jerry richardson donated $10,000 to each family to help with funerals and other expenses. plus another $10,000 for emanuel ame. the $100,000 check arrived with a letter in which mr. richardson wrote every name and wrote our hearts are with the families of
3:37 pm
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3:42 pm
sending weapons. amateur hour is over. those are the words of ohio governor john kasich as he moves closer to a presidential run. kasich would be joining an already crowded republican field, but early polling shows he could be a dark horse. a public policy polling released earlier this month had the buckeye governor leading with 19% of the ohio republicans support. meanwhile, several of the gop candidates spent the last few days in washington for the faith and freedom conference giving them a chance to appeal to religious conservatives. and speaking of faith, there are several catholic republicans running this year including jeb bush and rick santorum. susan estrich is here as a fox news contributor. susan, good to see you. >> good to see you, art. >> thank you. we'll get to the religious conservative base later, but we'll talk about this. john kasich a successful twice
3:43 pm
elected governor of ohio. could he jump to the head of the class? >> well, i have a lot of respect for john kasich. years ago before he was a governor he was just one of us art. a fox news contributor. and i spent a lot of time on television with john kasich. and he was always a person of integrity and intelligence you know somebody you could have a disagreement with but reasonable to disagree with. i would not underestimate him for a minute. he comes from ohio that's a key state. you have former governor walker in there from ohio too. i mean i think the problem the gop has right now is there are just too many candidates. so while some of them are actually good candidates like john kasich i think it's very hard to keep them straight. you need bleachers if you wanted to see them all in one place. it's a little ridiculous. >> yeah i think you mentioned that governor scott walker of
3:44 pm
wisconsin, yeah. >> governor of wisconsin, i'm sorry. >> that's fine. this is governor kasich's point. he says amateur hour is over. and you mentioned his past life so to speak. and he's also an investment banker. he resuscitated ohio's economy. so susan, if it's the economy that's stupid could there be some bite to governor kasich's bark? >> there could be if he can break through. i mean that's the problem with so many candidates. is how do you break through? john has a little advantage in those watching the show may remember him from years ago. and in his own state as you point out, he is leading. but it is very hard to break through when you've got a field dominated by one or two well-known candidates like the jeb bush candidate. then you've got the folks out there like donald trump where you're shaking your head and saying what is this? you've got carly fiorina who is
3:45 pm
a respected businesswoman but does anybody really think on her first try to actually succeed in elected office she's going to be president? i don't think so. so fox news had to cut it to ten and everybody was screaming. but, i mean frankly, ten is too many. if you really want people to study the candidates and to look at the differences and to learn about the agenda you got to have a reasonable number. and this field is just getting silly. just by number look at them all. they all look alike, sort of don't they art? >> don't you ask me that question i'm not answering that. are you kidding me susan? okay. >> between you and me, art. >> between you and me but i'm still not answering. let me move on. because we are talking about the religious conservatives. do you think governor kasich can have some impact there with that
3:46 pm
group? >> well, it remains to be seen. he's had popularity there before but it's going to be a tough fight as you pointed out at the beginning. you have not only the evangelical christians running for the support of the evangelical christians but you have what used to be a fairly strong base in the republican party, which is sort of white working class catholics. rick santorum is sort of the emblem of that. and in the reagan years, at least, reagan did very well in breaking up the democratic coalition. and it's healing to catholic voters. i don't know if they will do so well this time. >> you talk about the number of people running. by the way, governor kasich has not officially announced just yet. we are talking about him in case he does. but we showed that picture, it's kind of like a class reunion photo of the group of hopefuls in there now. not -- susan is going to get me in trouble. i am very serious and am not
3:47 pm
laughing susan, so that's on you right now. i'm leaving you out to hang to dry right now, but i love you, susan. >> you let me hang alone. >> sorry. but, no seriously, you know right now this week in particular they are courting religious conservatives. when it comes to the general population i mean how do they -- that's sort of the uphill battle, if you will for the republican party. they have to appeal to the neiche audience if you will, and you have to go to appeal to broader base of the republican field. is that going to cause problems for those trying to get to the head of the class? >> sure. it's a challenge. it used to be the challenge on the democratic side that we would say, could we get out of iowa without having gone so far to the left in terms of the nuclear freeze and some of the other issues then that we
3:48 pm
couldn't get back to the middle. i think the problems of the republicans now is can they go as far as they need to to the right to win the iowa caucus and do a good showing? and then get back to the point where they can appeal to a majority of voters? and i shouldn't make fun of republicans, let me give equal opportunity, art, i have no idea what it was like to go around with 11 democrats debating. you know they get on the stage, right? and people would say it was the seven dwarfs and then say, no there's eight of them. and then the challenge for the campaigns and the candidates is to show the stature, the seriousness that americans expect of a future president of the united states. when you are stuck in a format when you're with 12 other people who, you know look like they are playing some hollywood bomb game. >> susan, you know, listen, you are always fair i believe, and just for the record there are
3:49 pm
many religious conservatives out there, not to imply there are not enough of religious conservatives out there. people are very sensitive, so i want to set that record straight. susan, always great to talk to you. thank you very much. >> great to talk to you, art. >> okay. and we'll be back after this break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the ones with the guts to stand apart - join a league all their own. ♪ ♪ how's it progressing with the prisoner? he'll tell us everything he knows very shortly, sir. as you were... where were we?
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>> okay so tomorrow marks the
3:53 pm
first dave summer right? and that means it is time to hit the beach. >> so when it comes to sun screen, you want something that workings. the latest issue of consummer report has the report. joining us is the editor. good to so you, patricia. we'll talk about the five sun screens you brought. >> these are our five best scoring sun screens and they are excellent at protecting you against the sun's uv and uva scale and low on the yuck factor scale. >> what do you look for in >> we look at the burning rays. and the rays that cause skin cancer and aging. we want the spf of 30 and broad-spectrum sun screen and water proof.
3:54 pm
>> we'll go back to number one here. this is the best one. what is so great about this one? >> this is a score of 100. lan rouicch and melted sun screen. >> and you feel the sun screen and after they rub in you know that something is on the skin you get very little of that sun screen. >> that is $36. >> most expensive. >> fortunately we have others that are almost as good. >> we'll going to the last one. >> this is a lorelle. and this is not least expensive. this is the lost expensive. equate by walmart. it is $9 a bottle. and 16 ounce battle. 16 ounce bottle and these are eight ounce bottles and this is a five ounce. this is a great, and our best
3:55 pm
buy. it is a great sun screen and very inexpensive. >> equate from walmart inexpensive and best buy. >> copper tone water babies. that is spf 50 and that is 10.55. and that is $11. and that was great. and this is a lorelle product. >> see how it sprays. >> it is a pinacola d a. >> why are aren't they open patricia. >> there they are. didn't work. >> most important thing they work on your sun. >> probably to protect kids to. >> you go into the water and you have to reapply these. neven if you don't go in the water you have to reapply every
3:56 pm
two hours for it to be effective. >> this feels got. >> smells good too. >> susan is in my mind. i love. that>> and patricia this does feel noise and not the yuck factor. >> good for playing golf. >> we'll so you next time. >> that will do it stick around with the fox report. >> heather is in for julie banderas. >> thanks guys. chlorred
3:57 pm
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>> we start with a fox news alert and a possible siting for two convicted murderer ares considered armed and very dangerous. i am heather childers and this is the fox report. david sweat and richard matt may have been spotted nor the pennsylvania border 350 miles from the maximum security prison where they escaped. multiple agencies are searching the hot spot nor the house of friendship. and this is possible sitings by lindley and erwin. they are allowing


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